Longterm protection of our clients is our mission, a satisfied client represents our success.

The company AVB is a private insurance intermediary company, grown on many years of experiences in the insurance industry. As an objective and independent company, we are fully devoted to our clients, for we act as a representative of the client and consequently take care of all the necessary insurance arrangements.

In other words, we first carefully analyze the actual risks of our client's company, and only then do we decide which risks would be advisable to transfer to an insurance company.

In addition, we give advice on optimal insurances as such. We must emphasize that our solutions surpass the Slovenian market and are not in any way limited by it.

For AVB the needs of a client comes first. The close relationship between us and the client, allows us to provide the best possible solutions for individuals and companies. The partnership is necessarily built on trust, transparent work and open communication. To create this bridge of trust between the client and the insurance company knowledge, experience and professional attitude are of highest importance.

Moreover, these are also the qualities which assure our services as professional and of high quality.

We are aware that the business operation depends on many various factors. For example, several changes occur during the year, new needs for insurances may arise just as well as new demands of the client might appear. Last but not least, loss events might happen. These we must analyze and handle in the most suitable manner, according to the insurance contract and the actual state of affairs.

Our primary goal is therefore our client's longterm best interest, for a satisfied client best represents our succes.


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